Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is the process of focusing our awareness on eating our food. When we do this we can fully savour the experience and can chew and swallow our food well and pay attention to feelings of fullness in our body.

To eat mindfully we need to focus on our food which means we need to put down the book and turn of the TV. 

Mindfulness involves being non-judgemental of our food and so we need to let go of our judgements of food and ourselves and  just focus back on our eating.

When you first start eating mindfully it may only last for a couple of mouthfuls before your attention wanders. When you notice this, just bring your awareness back to the food and say to yourself "back to the food" without judging yourself.

Be mindful of the crunchiness, chewiness, stickiness, salty, sweet, sour, spicy, hot or cold sensations in your mouth.

Try to observe the swallowing sensation and the sensations of fullness in your stomach.

Mindful eating can be good to do just because it is pleasurable! It is also a useful skill if you have a tendency to over eat, binge eat or struggle with your relationship with food.