Present for a Mother with Dementia

Happy Mothers Day to all of you beautiful mothers!

As Today is Mothers Day I have been thinking about Mothers Day Presents. So many Mothers Day presents are based on the idea of relaxing and inspiring sensations. Think about Foot Baths, scented soaps, flowers, chocolates, fluffy bathrobes, scarves etc.  

If you have a Mother with Dementia, there are some really great presents options. If you can identify the sensations that your Mum prefers then you can give a lovely present. Sensory Presents are gifts that operate on a number of levels:

  • A familiar scent, sight or sound can be very calming and soothing. This can be very useful for many people with dementia can become agitated and anxious.
  • The familiarity of sensations can prompt memories. Smells in particular are very strongly linked to our sense of smell. Think of Cloves and Christmas or GrandMa's lavender.
  • Sensations can prompt conversations without needing other reference points. We can all talk about the lovely print on a teacup without having to remember whose tea cup it is!

If you are interested in giving your Mother a Sensory Present then consider your mums preferences in touch and texture (eg wool, silk, fleece, fidget toys) smell (eg soap, perfume, talc, tea) taste ( fruit, spices, her favourite home made recipes) sound (CD's, radio, audio books, musical instruments, ocean or nature sounds, ear plugs) movement, (rocking chair, swing chair if these are safe and not going to cause falls) visual (mini photo albums, art books, memory books, beautiful objects and images) etc. 

Then think of the easiest way for her to access these presents eg a box by her bed, a basket, on a shelf etc

That will be a truly special and helpful present. Next you can think of what sensory sensations you need to calm and relax and get something for yourself.