Carolyn Fitzgibbon

Carolyn Fitzgibbon

Carolyn Fitzgibbon works with  people who need someone to speak to about their stress, job, study, relationships, health and wellness.

Carolyn listens without making judgements and with respect.

She is practical and solutions focused.

Medicare Rebates are available if a GP:

  • Refers to Carolyn for psychologically focused therapies and
  • Provides a  Mental Health Plan.

Carolyn has experience in working with people with and without mental illness. Her special interests include Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Self Harm, mindfulness and sensory modulation.

"Job Stress"

Most jobs are stressful. And many of us have such busy lives that we can't take time out. Carolyn will visit you in a nearby cafe to talk about your job, the demands, your colleagues, your boss and anything else stressful about your job.

"Mum stress"

Many mums are juggling work with their family and home life and finding it all very stressful.

Carolyn can visit you at home or at a cafe near to work to talk about the big juggle, how to cut corners,

feel better and look after yourself all at the same time.

"What am I doing with my life stress"

Are you in the right job? relationship? country? or uni course?

Carolyn can listen to your values, priorities, preferences, resources and barriers and help you to decide on your life direction.