8 senses!

I thought there were 5!

The five senses that we are familiar with are: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.

The other three senses are Proprioception, Vestibular and Interoception.

Proprioception is the sense that tells you where your arm is in space when your eyes are closed. Proprioception is the sense that helps us to feel grounded. When we become anxious or stressed, we can really benefit from some proprioceptive input. The best way to get proprioceptive input is through

Vestibular is the sense that tells you whether you are moving or standing still. Using all of these senses can help you to feel calmer.

Interoception is the sense of your internal body eg full bladder, heart beating faster, hungry.

Some people are very sensitive to this sensation whilst others need for the sensations to be strong or urgent to notice them.